RAZOR 175 MIG/MMA KIT VIPER CUT 40 CUTTER KIT RAZOR 200 ACDC HF PULSE TIG SINGLE GAS CUTTING MACHINE + TRACK VIPER ARC 140 MMA KIT VIPER PRO AUTO WELDING HELMET Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 1366.40 $ 1503.04 Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 685.80 $ 754.38 Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 110.30 $ 121.33 Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 628.70 $ 691.57 KUPJRVC40 – VIPER CUT 40 WITH BONUS KIT 50500-12 Air Filter Unit, XA-44-7142 Leather Apron PUMVWH CG-30 NEW The TRACKER CG30 is a stepless variable speed carriage with oxy/ fuel gas cutting torch mounted on a straight line track. Built to industrial standards the TRACKER CG30 provides high quality oxy/ fuel cuts on steel plates and structures where straight line accuracy is paramount. ISGVC40 ISG175KIT ISG200RZKIT Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 882.70 $ 970.97 Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 247.70 $ 272.47 KUMJRRZ200ACDC – RAZOR 200 ACDC HF PULSE TIG WITH BONUS UMCWH Camo Welding Helmet BONUS Helmet ISGVA140KIT KUMJRVA140 – VIPER ARC 140 MMA WITH BONUS KIT ESR11-2.5-2.5 2.5mm GP Electrodes x 2.5KG UMWG8 Blue Welding Glove Large UMCH-HD Chipping Hammer HD UMBJWH Black Jasic Auto Helmet High Definition Filter Technology is a feature that greatly improves the optics allowing the user to see a full spectrum of colours. It also helps to alleviate eye fatigue making it safer for extended periods of welding. KUMJRRW175MIG – RAZOR 175 MIG/MMA WITH BONUS KIT PUMVWH Viper Pro Auto Helmet, PCT0009-09 - 0.9MM Tips, 0.8-0.9F30/10 Flux Roller To Suit Razor 175, XA-E71T11-08-5 NEW Receive an EXTRA 6 MONTHS WARRANTY when you register online Extreme Industry 150kg Platform Stepladders – Aluminium Product applicable for Aviation/Manufacturing/ Heavy Metal Manufacturing/Heavy Construction/ Food & Beverage Manufacturing/Meat Processing - anywhere harsh conditions exists. Combining a host of added features and benefits, the Professional Extreme Industry Platform Stepladder is constructed from heavy duty Aluminium and is rated at 150kg. • Fully Welded Rear Frame for strength and durability • 150kg Industrial Load Rate • Anti-slip rubber feet • Made to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1 Product No Description Reach Height Platform Height Weight Ex GST Inc. GST FS13315 PFS 2 150Kg Ind 2.6m 0.57m 11.15kg $461.60 $507.76 FS13310 PFS 3 150Kg Ind 2.9m 0.86m 12.15kg $487.00 $535.70 FS13311 PFS 4 150Kg Ind 3.1m 1.15m 13.45kg $595.70 $655.27 FS13314 PFS 5 150Kg Ind 3.4m 1.43m 14.25kg $667.20 $733.92 FS13316 PFS 6 150Kg Ind 3.7m 1.72m 15.8kg $784.70 $863.17 Product No Description Nominal Standing Height Nominal Max. Reach Height Nominal Weight Ex GST Inc GST FS13750 2 Step With Handrail 0.45m 2.45m 6.6kg $265.30 $291.83 FS13751 3 Step With Handrail 0.67m 2.67m 8.6kg $377.00 $414.70 FS13752 4 Step With Handrail 0.89m 2.89m 10.6kg $418.90 $460.79 FS13753 5 Step With Handrail 1.11m 3.11m 12.7kg $502.70 $552.97 Product No Description Nominal Standing Height Nominal Max. Reach Height Nominal Weight Ex GST Inc GST FS13746 2 Step 0.45m 2.45m 6.2kg $169.10 $186.01 FS13747 3 Step 0.67m 2.67m 8.2kg $293.20 $322.52 FS13748 4 Step 0.89m 2.89m 10.2kg $377.00 $414.70 FS13749 5 Step 1.11m 3.11m 12.0kg $460.80 $506.88 Stairway Ladders without Handrail 150kg NEW Stairway Ladders with Handrail 150kg Bailey’s range of Aluminium Stairway Ladders with or without Folding Handrail offer safety, stability and strength in a compact ladder solution. The stairway design allows users to walk up and down the ladder with ease with the addition of a folding safety handrail. “GET UP CLOSE TO YOUR WORK” This product folds to a compact profile for easy storage in confined locations. Ideal for Industrial Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance, Facility Managers, Retail Managers, Offices, Transport Workshops. • Conventional Stairway climb configuration for ease of access • Folding handrail for increased stability, easy storage and transport • Incorporating wide, slip resistant treads for maximum stability • Lightweight yet durable aluminium construction • Made to AS/NZS 1892 PN: FS13747 PN: FS13751 BaileyWerner 1-2p.indd 1 26/9/18 11:21 am 44 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY GROUP