ISG_Web_Nov-Jan18-19_All BRADY SAFETY PLUS™ PADLOCKS Steel Shackle, Reinforced Nylon Body Designed specifically for use in lockout applications, Brady Safety Plus™ Padlocks help keep workers safe and equipment free from damage. Rugged, yet compact and lightweight, this innovative lock meets OH&S lockout requirements and is well suited for use in harsh industrial environments. Each padlock comes with 2 keys and padlock labels. BODY DIMENSIONS: 38 x 44 x 18mm (WxHxD) SHACKLE DIMENSIONS: 38 x 6.35mm (LxDia) Red P/N: 850821 Blue P/N: 850816 Green P/N: 850818 Yellow P/N: 850820 Orange P/N: 850819 White P/N: 853203 Purple P/N: 853204 Each Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 28.20 $ 31.02 BMP71 INDOOR/OUTDOOR VINYL TAPE 50.8mm x 15.24M Brady’s indoor/outdoor grade vinyl tape adheres well to pipes, walls, equipment, windows - most clean, dry surfaces. Conforms well to irregular, curved or rough surfaces - it even stands up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals. Five year average outdoor durability in temperatures from 82°C to -40°C, can be applied as low 18°C. Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 140.90 $ 154.99 Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 140.90 $ 154.99 P/N: 142356 Clear P/N: 142363 White NATIONAL WORKPLACE FIRST AID KIT All National Workplace First Aid Kits are made in accordance with Safe Work Australia, First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice and comply to most state regulatory requirements. Featuring industrial quality products that are colour coded and boldly identified in robust and practical cases, to help you find aid solutions fast and easily in an emergency. Simply choose the kit style that best suits your workplace needs. Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 140.30 $ 154.33 P/N: 873851 Portable Soft Case NON CONDUCTIVE LOCKOUT HASP FLURO ORANGE Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 11.10 $ 12.21 These harps are non-conductive and suitable for use where electrical current may occur. Easily identifiable fluorescent orange. Lightweight lockouts are easily carried. Lockout measures 25 x 64mm and allows the use up to six padlocks. P/N: 844501 ELECTRICIAN’S MINI LO POUCH W/COMPONENTS Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 257.20 $ 282.92 P/N: 848284 Circuit breaker lockouts are an effective and affordable solution for electrician’s carrying out day-to-day work. Brady’s lockout kit includes a combination of lockouts for older style breakers and more modern DINN style breakers, reducing the need to carry multiple kits. TRAFALGAR VEHICLE AND LOW RISK FIRST AID KIT Kit Contents: 1 x Adhesive Strips Plastic - Pk50 1 x Conforming Bandage 50mm 1 x CPR Guide 1 x Eye Pad 1 x First Aid Pamphlet 1 x Gloves Disposable (Pair) 1 x Magnifier Plastic 1 x Paper Tape 1.25cm x 5m 1 x Plastic Bag - Small 1 x Plastic Bag - Medium 1 x Resuscitation Shield 1 x Safety Pins Assorted - Pk12 1 x Scissors 2 x Sodium Chloride Sachet 1 x Splinter Probe Disposable 1 x Triangular Bandage 1 x Tweezers 1 x Wound Dressing No. 15 2 x Wound Wipe P/N 848794 Red P/N 856603 Green P/N 848890 Blue This popular first aid kit is ideal for the glove box, cupboard or suitcase. It has a simple design and practical internal layout, supplied in an embroidered, hardwearing zipped case. Ex. GST Inc. GST $ 22.90 $ 25.19 Each BRADY GATE VALVE LOCKOUT Makes locking out valves safe and easy with the Brady Gate Valve Lockouts. Made of durable, non-adherent plastic to resist chemicals and hot and cold temperatures. Stainless steel hinge design for added strength and durability. Unique knockout feature accommodates OS&Y or “rising stem” gate valves Designed to accept all locks with up to 9.4mm shackle diameter and 19mm or greater vertical shackle clearance for a great variety of applications. Available in five sizes to fit valve handles from 25mm up to 330mm in diameter. Green is frequently used to indicate if valve is locked in open or Red closed position. Description / Colour Part No Price ex GST Price inc GST 25-63mm diameter Red 65560 $38.00 $41.80 63-125mm diameter Red 65561 $58.80 $64.68 25-63mm diameter Yellow 65590 $38.00 $41.80 63-125mm diameter Yellow 65591 $58.80 $64.68 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY GROUP 3